Monday, July 2, 2007

Time to stick it to ESPN

There's no nice way to say this. ESPN's new "Who's Now" segment, on the Web and on Sportscenter, is the definition of shitty, stupid, pandering drivel. Why would I want to hear about real sports news when I can hear about how many commercials Tiger "Nike" Woods has made in the last year?

There's no question that ESPN lost any journalistic integrity it ever had years ago. I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw Bob Ley and an Outside the Lines show. 1997? It runs Monday through Friday at 3:30pm ET. Talk about getting buried.

Yet despite the burial of actual shows that do reporting, for some strange reason the World Wide Leader seems to think it somehow still has some journalistic integrity left - even while it does things like partially own and pimp the Arena League.

Here's ESPN coordinating producer Pat Lowry from just a short time ago, "The bottom line is ESPN's journalistic integrity comes first, always."

Well, we beg to differ - and the "Who's Now" bullshit, which is basically free mass marketing for professional athletes, was the final straw. Here's a list of all the things, in no particular order, that ESPN has done lately that make it clear sports journalism is about the last thing they do. When you add it all up, it starts to look really, really bad and sometimes blatantly unethical. Feel free to add things we didn't put down in the comments.

1. ESPN, which is a minority owner of the Arena League, essentially pressures employees into wearing clothing to work to promote the Arena League.

2. Schrutebag, for no apparent reason, gets listeners of his ESPN radio show to knock down The Big Lead's Web site.

3. Schrutebag steals material from The M Zone, gives no credit to the blog.

4. ESPN goes into a partnership with Verizon Wireless for Mobile ESPN phone. Promptly hawks shitty cell phone all over Sportscenter - repeatedly. Equivalent of this would be The New York Times running a front page, picture-sized ad for some lame product - for months on end.

5. Jason Whitlock fired by ESPN because of his criticism of Scoop Jackson and Mike Lupica on The Big Lead.

6. Nov. 3, 2006 - ESPN for the first time ever runs one advertiser for its 6pm ET Sportscenter. Nike, whose ads come from the Wieden & Kennedy agency in Portland, Oregon, that also creates ESPN's ads, was the single advertiser. Nike spokesman Dean Stoyer said the idea was to exploit the "synergy" with ESPN airing Wednesday night's Wizards-Cavs game starring top Nike pitch man LeBron James by having the entire show sponsored by The LeBrons. A public outcry follows with viewers calling into question the already questionable journalistic integrity of ESPN.

7. Feb. 16, 2007 - ESPN again has one advertiser, this time for the 11pm ET Sportscenter. Sprint's Nextel brand is the advertiser, which sponsor's NASCAR's Nextel Cup season. Idea was to promote the start of the 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup season.

8. June 26, 2007 - Yet again there's one advertiser for 11pm ET Sportcenter. This time it's the movie Live Free or Die Hard. Even worse, Bruce Willis appears multiple times.

9. The week Pirates of the Caribbean 3 opens, Sportscenter runs an unreal lead in for a Pirates game with scenes from the new movie. Even Steve Levy seems to wonder if this is actually legit or not as he does the lead in.

10. In case you didn't know, ESPN no longer has the rights to the NHL and the PGA, but has the rights to NASCAR and Arena Football. That might be one reason why ESPN seems to cover the Arena League a lot more than it does the NHL.

11. ESPN television ads. Although sometimes funny, there's a serious conflict of interests going on here. Former Ombudsman George Soloman said they violate a key tenet of journalism: objectivity (he was still ombudsman when he said this at the University of Missouri). He sarcastically compared the practice of using athletes for ESPN promotions to a news station using a politician to endorse its programming. “Would NBC have Dick Cheney on one of its commercials promoting NBC?” Solomon asked. “One, why would you want Dick Cheney promoting anything? Two, why would you want Dick Cheney on NBC if you’re covering the vice president on a regular basis?”

12. Bonds on Bonds TV Show. This thing was such an abortion of journalism that even ESPN staffers spoke up about it. From the NYT: "The emotional, sometimes angry debate with ESPN centers in part on whether it has put itself in an untenable journalistic position by aggressively reporting on Bonds's pursuit of Hank Aaron's career home run record while simultaneously carrying, at least through midseason, a series that provides Bonds editorial control of its content. Other serious concerns are whether ESPN is paying for access to Bonds, who is difficult to cover, and giving him hours to rehabilitate his image."

Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes called it "checkbook journalism." Wallace also said he told one ESPN executive, "You've got to be kidding," in reference to the decision to carry the program.

13. Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne, who also does work for ESPN, says the blood on Curt Schilling's sock from the 2004 playoffs is fake and actually paint. Claims to have heard this from Doug Mirabelli, who denies it entirely. Whether Mirabelli said anything or not, Thorne makes an on-air statement that had no factual basis whatsoever.

14. Steve Young calls out Daunte Culpepper on air for missing team meetings. Turns out Culpepper was in rehab. Steve had heard "from people" Culpepper was missing meetings without confirming it. Nice reporting Steve.

15. ESPN tries to bribe a star high school basketball player with airtime if he tells them before a scheduled press conference where he's going to go to college. Not necessarily 100% unethical, but extremely slimy.

16. Continual pimping of ABC shows on Monday Night Football DURING games, with interviews of actors. Usually this happens before or after games.

James Denton, one of the stars of ABC's hit show "Desperate Housewives," was featured in the booth talking with broadcasters during one game.

During the Giants-Dallas Cowboys game on Oct. 23, Emmitt Smith, was asked more questions about his footwork on "Dancing with the Stars" than he was about his playing days...while his old team was playing.

17. Skip Bayless on "First and 10" says that 50-75% of pro football players are on HGH. Former Giants kicker Jay Feely was a guest on the show and directly called out Bayless on the air saying, "That's ridiculous. It's dangerous for you to make that claim." Bayless also got called out by the Ombudsman for making an assertion about something for which he had no proof.


So there you go. I realize there are more instances, feel free to add them.



Anonymous said...

Please correct that Hanks Aaron's line. Muddying up an otherwise interesting piece.

100% Injury Rate said...

thanks for the catch there.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC post guys. Seriously, that was a really interesting read.

Anonymous said...

Nothing really to add, as I stopped watching Sportcenter on a regular basis years ago...but I gotta say how effed up and how much it pissed me off that they fired Whitlock. For that reason alone, I stopped watching PTI (even though I still like Wilbon; Kornheiser is a complete dipshit that always lets his politics be known. If I wanted to hear a liberal pansey speak his mind, I'd turn on PMSNBC).

Anonymous said...

The only thing more idiotic than the Who's Now thing is how passionate people are for it. I made one post ripping it and doing a BS bracketology for it last week and I've gotten thousands of search hits for Who's Now stuff. Boggles the mind that such an obvious marketing, news-making ploy would be so successful.

Anonymous said...

ESPN got me when prior to the 2006 Rose Bowl they ran a series on Sport Center declaring the 2005-06 USC team the best college football team of all-time. Of course the Trojans went on to lose the Rose Bowl to Texas.

Anonymous said...

great work, very well written

WCT said...

nice post. How about the stupid "ESPN Deportes Updates" in the middle of SportsCenter?

Anonymous said...

How about the fact that the ESPN Deportes Updates ARE IN ENGLISH!?!?!?

Nuke LaLoosh said...

There was a story much blogged about last month where, on Baseball Tonight, John Kruk was reportedly "asked" by the producers to change his answer to a question in order to have a more spirited debate.

The Hitman said...

Couldn't agree more...

Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of problems you haven't listed yet I have. First of all, the fact that ESPN Original Entertainment broadcasts movies (yes, they're about sports, but if I want to watch sports movies, I'll watch Glory Road, Hoosiers, Rudy, etc.) Secondly, the fact that Brad Nessler's role has been significantly diminished while Brent Musburger's has skyrocketed. It sucks that Whitlock's been canned as well.

Anonymous said...

Pedantics note:

The focal point of this phrase -- "a key tenant of journalism" -- should be spelled 'tenet.'

Otherwise, you've written an excellent article.

Owen Good said...

Bracketology is run by an assistant VP and color commentator for St. Joseph's basketball. I am surprised this doesn't get more attention.

I also think every time Stuart Scott opens his mouth to clamp his lips around the cock of his alma mater qualifies as an abuse of the position, too.

kw said...

Agreed on all points. I've taken to watching Fox Sports' morning show. It's just highlights, no bullshit. About time someone got smart to the fact that people just want to watch straight sports news.

TJ said...

Also, in 2006 ESPN higher-ups blatently sent College Gameday to games broadcast by ABC on weekends when the "game of the week" was clearly an CBS game. This was so egregious at one point that Kirk Herbstriet and Chris Fowler openly called ESPN out for it on and (I believe) on television.

(About bracketology, Lunardi does not hide his ties to St. Joes, and has made it a point not to inflate his placement of St. Joes in his brackets.)

SlickBomb said...

Terrific stuff, guys. Who's Now for me is an immediate channel-switcher.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Gary Thorne also conveniently trashed OU baseball coach Larry Cochell's character by claiming he used the N-word. After this Schilling fiasco I doubt Cochell ever said anything of the sort. Oh yeah, the four letter network had just begun broadcasting regular season college baseball for the first time ever. Could they have fabricated a story to stir the pot and garner ratings? They're track record seems to indicate as such.

Anonymous said...

Agree with most of what you say, but i hav a couple exceptions:

5. that is what is called foresight. jason whitlock is an unmitigated horse's ass, and they choose to cut bait right before he turned into the full mode uncle tom that is he is today.

13. thorne made the comment on o's tv broadcast. that is not espn's responsibility. (though thorne can kiss my ass for trying to get himself a name on that)

Anonymous said...

Like Fonzie on skis, this may be ESPN's "Jump the Shark" moment.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm no ESPN fanboy, but even if everything you say is true, who gives a fuck? We're talking about SPORTS here (Allen Iverson voice). It's purely entertainment. Nothing on ESPN is really "news." It's more akin to a network showing nothing but celebrity gossip shows all day (like Extra). No one would accuse such a network of lacking "journalistic integrity," because what they report is not news. It's entertainment. It's gossip. Televised sports, and I love them to death, are macho soap operas designed for two things only: gambling and advertising. They're not news, and those searching for "journalistic integrity" in the sports world need to recognize ESPN for what it is: a purveyor of entertainment solely for material gain.

tc said...

The thing that gets me is the sponsorship of everything. I'm 32, try and avoid Sportscenter if at all possible-I find ESPNEWS gets me in, out, and I can still respect myself in the morning. I enjoyed Sportscenter 13-15 years ago when it was Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann but now, uggh. But the sponsorship of starting lineups in baseball games by State Farm or whoever, of the K Zone by AutoZone or whatever, the in-game manager interviews (which seem to have tailed off, now they usually interview a player back in the tunnel). It reminds me (in a darkly comic way) of some stand-up (can't remember who) making a joke about how even those dividers between your purchase and the next man's purchase in-line at the supermarket, is now sponsored. I mean really, what's next? "Soriano runs up the Transformers in theaters today 1st baseline"??? Their advertising is completely indistinguishable from their information now, so integrated has the advertising become. It's sickening.

Chad'sMyGuy said...

Excellent piece, guys.

Also, I, too, stopped watching SportsCenter when they crowned USC champs prior to the actual Rose Bowl, by heinously lining them against every great team in history, a team at a time, a whole week before the game. Namely, my 1997 Wolverines. That's where I drew the line (and lamented my outrage to anyone who would listen).

Ed Cormany said...

my gripe about the ESPN Deportes segments is that they're quite literally "the soccer minute." they are timed 60 second pieces, so whatever poor anchor they make do it has to talk like the fine print at the end of a radio ad. furthermore ESPN apparently knows that people in this country care about the results of the Champions League semifinals (or similar event), but have to make an excuse by covering it by saying "well this isn't actually sportscenter per se doing this coverage." dumb all around.

oh and those make a wish segments (genuinely nice as the deeds themselves are) make me wanna hurl. this is not NBC's olympics coverage, and besides i do not want 15 minute features. EVER.

Unknown said...

'The only thing more idiotic than the Who's Now thing is how passionate people are for it. I made one post ripping it and doing a BS bracketology for it last week and I've gotten thousands of search hits for Who's Now stuff. Boggles the mind that such an obvious marketing, news-making ploy would be so successful.'

And that's not an obvious marketing, news-making ploy to get people to check out your blog? Pot, meet kettle.

Sports on a Schtick said...

Great post.

I hate it when the NBA on ABC blatantly promotes a movie and feebly masks it as analysis. Fantastic 4 to Watch anyone?

The King of Carrot Flowers said...

Why do they continue to try and convince us that Jeff Garcia is a heterosexual? The fake pictures in the clubs and the playboy "wife". Seriously.

tc said...

One other blatant example-instead of back in the day when they used to have interesting interviews with coaches or even smaller-name players-they'd even go to a player's house sometimes and you'd see their family, it was cool-we have the Fave 5....whatever, linking to the T-mobile commercials. And there's no commentary, no explanation, most of the picks (like they had Greg Anthony's fave 5 PGs (Kidd, Stockton, Magic, Isaiah, Nash)) are mind-numbingly obvious-so even the half-time segments are promotional tie-ins.

Unknown said...

With all due respect, sports news should not be reduced to gossip. Gossip is at least 50% conjecture (Lindsay Lohan was seen with someone, IS Nicole Ritchie pregnant???), and ESPN used to be the gold standard of journalistic integrity for sports -- no, it's true. I agree that sports is not real life, and "real news" vs "sports news" is a valid comparison, but within the framework of sports news, ESPN has become a pandering hype machine more interested in celebrity than in Xs and Os. It would be the equivalent of if Tom Brokaw had a bracket to determine Reagan vs. Gorbachev or some such bullshit. ESPN should be reporting what is going on, not hyping their own contrived, fabricated lists.

omnivore43 said...

Seriously? you came up with less than 20 mistakes in the last decade? I could find 20 mistakes that you made on your blog in the last month. #10 insinuates a link between ESPN's reporting and ownership rights without actually establishing it with any facts. I agree that generally, ESPN is trending towards hype instead of concrete sports news, but ranting about it on a slow news day only proves that you have nothing better to do than blast The Great Sports Satan.

Anonymous said...

FSN Final Score will cure what ails ya

Eric said...

OMG, that was written perfectly. I can't believe how idiotic this "Who's Now" ordeal is. Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

Some actual sports will cure what ails everyone. I hate July.

Signal to Noise said...

Don't forget this one -- there was one 6PM EST SportsCenter completely sponsored by XBox 360 for the entire hour -- they even added a bunch of green lighting to the set for it.

Anonymous said...

Not unethical, just extremely fricking retarded- letting Stuart Scott deliver his poetry sessions during Sportscenter. That, and the fake baseball press conferences they did were the last straws for me.

Anonymous said...

It's good that Dummy is so well named.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, that ou coach did say it. Other people heard him beside bspn people.

oh yeah he said it twice, one to thorne and the other guy calling the game for bspn separately.

go use google, it is this cool little thing that some people use to find stuff out.

Anonymous said...

How about signing a huge contract with the ACC to carry college hoops and football, then endlessly shoving ACC football matchups on primetime Saturdays and covering the UNC/Duke hoops game on every single channel plus 360? The rest of the country does not care.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.
Though, did you actually mean an "abortion" of journalism for the Bond-on-Bonds show? Of course, given espn's track record, I'm not sure that abberation would be the right word either as the total lack of journalism is normal for the network.

Donny Shell said...

I think it's quaint that we're still having this conversation.

The network has moved on. The 'E' is for entertainment. Football season is not actually one year long.

Kevin said...

Anyone notice how when a panel (on say, BBTN or NFL Live) is asked who is the greatest ____ in the game today, three different panelists will ALWAYS give three different answers? I understand people have differing opinions, but a some point you're going to have to agree with someone.

Anonymous said...

Another one: ESPN ruined Baseball Tonight.

I forgot which blog or site posted the suggestion (I think it was Deadspin or one of the blogs posted on Deadspin), but Baseball Tonight could be one of ESPN's best shows with a three headed monster like Buster Olney, Tim (pronounced) Kerr-chin (I didn't want to be ridiculed for butchering his name), and Peter Gammons as analysts.

Even if their schedules don't match up, having them on 1-2 nights a week would be great.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Here's my additions:
1. Those faux press conferences that ex-Mets GM Steve Phillips appeared in last Spring, pretending to be a current GM and taking faux questions from ESPN reporters like Jeremy Schaap and Buster Olney, who looked as if he'd rather be drinking bleach than participate in this tripe.

2. "ESPN Hollywood" with Slater from Saved By The Bell. Somebody thought this was a good idea.

3. Lower-tier NCAA Bowl games that are owned by ESPN and exist solely for three hours of programming on Dec. 28.

4. All the Chris Berman nicknames. Enough already. This stuff has a shelf-life.

Paul said...

Demond Howard analyzing a game between Cal and Texas, when Cal was actually playing Texas ATM.

A promotion of the Major League DVD that involved comparing current major leaguers with Major Leaguers.

Anonymous said...

Omnivore, are you kidding me? Have you watched ESPN in the past year? That is the evidence to back it up. ESPN didn't cover NASCAR, now it has the rights, now it covers NASCAR. Case fucking closed.

EricBlair said...

Honestly how is this different from our "real" news?

Regular non-sports related journalism is just as bad but somehow people seem to be more pissed off that ESPN is essentially a commercial than they are that the NBC nightly news is.

Matt said...

The "Make-A-Wish" segments exploit the kids for television ratings.

Also, how many consecutive weeks was there an NBA player in the booth on MNF last year? It's almost like there are NBA games on ABC or something.

Wait 'Til Next Year

Eric said...

Yeah, the Who's Now thing has just about done it for me.

Have you guys ever noticed that they talk about the NFL about 25% of the time in the offseason? That's ridiculous. I like the NFL, but when is enough enough? Good grief.

I mean, if Chester Taylor bumps his hand into a wall at a training complex, it's front page news.

Eric said...

Oh yeah, speaking of their NFL obsession, did any of you guys see those Sports Nation polls that asked which football GRAPHICS people liked best?

Anonymous said...

And no one has even mentioned the Budweiser Hot Seat yet. Do we really care what Jeremy Piven thinks of the current Cubs roster?

Anonymous said...

I heard Schilling did paint his sock

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the official announcement that Rich Rodriguez was the new coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide...

Anonymous said...

ESPN has obviously hit a new low with "Who's Now". I can only imagine how much ass kissing Stuart Scott does to the "Who's Now" players. And why the hell would they have Keyshawn Johnson as an analyst for this stupid thing? Keyshawn probably hasn't heard of half of the athletes in the bracket.

Another critique of ESPN is how they ruined all the highlight shows by showing the same stupid plays over and over again on the same show. For example, on College Gamenight they would show the same meaningless dunk several times during the 20/30 minute show, starting with the original highlight and then the stupid Gym Gems segment. Sorry, ESPN but your core audience would rather see some footage that had an effect as to who won the game, as opposed to some dunk by Kevin Durant with his team up 20 points. You could say the same thing about any of ESPN's shows like Baseball Tonight, NBA whatever the fuck it's called, etc.

And does anyone else remember the time when ESPN had baseball doubleheaders on Wednesday nights? As someone who lives in New York, I would like to see some of the great West Coast baseball action that occurs. Instead I get stuck with no games, as ESPN shows a Yankees or Mets game more than 50% of the time on Monday and Wednesday nights.

And lastly, what's with all the crap analysts that ESPN hires? Has anyone seen Eric Young and Eduardo Perez on Baseball Tonight? They bring nothing positive to the table except for the fact that it's fun to count how many times Eric Young says "Let me to tell you something". You can also throw in these terrible analysts who provide nothing but generalizations that any schmuck can give you: Jamal Mashburn, Darren Woodson, Lou Holtz, Desmond Howard, Hubert Davis(at least he is kind of entertaining though), Blue Edwards (he's on ESPNU and he is absolutely atrocious), etc., etc., etc.,..

Anonymous said...

Another ESPN MNF Booth Interview, this one featuring huge football fan Christian Slater:

Al Michaels: Christian, you live in the Bay Area. Are you a big football fan?

Christian Slater: You know, a lot of my friends are football fans.

THANKS, ESPN,for wasting more of my precious time.

I hate you more and more with each passing day.

Anonymous said...

I still watch SportsCenter almost daily with not having a lot of these problems in my head while watching the show.

See, every sports show has some major glares. Personally, I haven't seen anything on any FSN network really worth watching. So despite the shotty reporting and the MAJOR Conflicts of Interest, I'll continue to watch Sportscenter.

What ESPN continues to do better than everybody else is there Live Sports coverage. Yes, not all of the play by play guys are good, and yes even the color guys are worse, but the camera work with the graphics make the games so presentable (especially in HD, which is available everywhere, unlike FOX Sports HD).

That's why I watch ESPN. Until somebody can go out and outdo them with the coverage of sporting events, then perhaps I'll stop. But I've always been a person who wants to see the event themselves, and formulate my own opinions.

Then again, I think myself and many other posters are the minority, and the majority are the types of people who would watch the Paris Hilton going to Prison tape over and over and over and over...

Anonymous said...

I think we are missing two main complaints here:

1) When ESPN ran the greatest athletes of the century and Michael Jordan was ranked #1 over Ruth and Ali. Shockingly Nike Jumpman was the lead sponsor on the countdown. So was there ever a doubt?

2) How about the US Open in Golf when they replaced Mike Tirico (best golf announcer) with Chris 'douche' Berman. You could tell none of the other people were happy and wouldnt give Berman anything more than a one word answer. Why do they keep force feeding this douche on us?

TJX said...

How about this to add to your list?

18. Televising the Rock Paper Scissors championship.

19. Screwing up the world cup of soccer with the likes of Dave O'Brien, Marcelo Balboa, and the lord of all annoyances, Eric Wynalda.

20. Allowing Jay Bilas to do anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Jets fan and was on the edge of my couch watching the Jets-Fins game last year..sure the offense was a little, uh, offensive, but the weather was bad and the teams do play defense...and the announcers are ripping chad's arm (tony's dogs arm is stronger..ha ha...funny) and talking about how terrible the game about going to the bathroom or something, because that game was HUUUUGE for me and all jets (and Broncos? and other afc wild card wannabes) and your just trashing a game which had a pretty wild 4th quarter...i eventually had to mute it, but you miss the crowd and the refs...ugh

Anonymous said...

i just saw another post and had to second it...chris berman is terrible on golf..worse than terrible...unfathomably bad...get him off of golf...PLEASE no more chris berman on golf..i mean, he's a characature of himself, but for the love of all that is right with the world, get him off's so disturbing...

Anonymous said...

I didn't read all the other posts, but did anyone notice that ESPN just discovered UFC in the last 4 weeks and now over hype each match to make up for lost time not reporting on the sport? Hell, they even use Joe Rogan "expert" pre-fight analysis.

Matt G said...

I might be old school, but being the biggest dog in the yard should mean that you don't have to pander or panhandle for advertising dollars - so, pretty much the exact opposite of what ESPN has chosen to do.

While I don't like it, I've worked at newspapers that had to venture into conflict of interest's grey areas in order to survive.

With the kind of cash that the WWL pulls in, they should be more inclined to tackle some of the hot topics in sports, not coddle those responsible.

The problem is that they seem to shy away from controversy - like the Baseball Tonight crew being banned from the Home Run Derby - instead of wading in because they have more power than most of the sports leagues that they cover.

Mike Boland said...

Thank God! I thought I was the only human being who thought "Who's Now" was the biggest piece of TV filler crap since the middle week of the Winter Olympics!

Anonymous said...

Just for employing Stuart Scott, they should have their license pulled.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for interesting article.

LJ said...

Cool blog. I can't stand SportsCenter. Thank God for ESPN News. Unlike a lot of the commenters, I don't have a huge problem with untalented analysts i.e. the entire NFL Countdown crew minus Jaws and TJ and every anchor hired since Kilborn left, but I do have a problem with them firing people for not toeing the company line i.e Whitlock on Bonds and Michael Irvin on T.O.

Also, Joe Rogan is an MMA expert. He's multiple time Tae Kwon Do champion and a brown belt in Jiu-jitsu. He's been doing color commentary for the UFC for more than a decade.

Anonymous said...

ESPN started to turn me off with all of the Michigan-OSU hype last year. Both teams were way overranked and exposed by real teams.

I'm not sure how many times SC has to thump Michigan in the Rose Bowl before people realize how bad the Big-10 really is.

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