Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just the Beginning, Baby! Book your Tix to Phoenix!

GREAT win tonight by the Warriors... clearly the best thing to happen in Bay Area Sports since 1995 when the Niners won the Super Bowl (unless you're a Raiders fan and then you have to go back a bit further). You just have to love the heart on this Warriors team... I love it when they start losing and getting run off the court and they take it PERSONAL. Everyone kept crticizing them for losing their cool, but each time they did they came back stronger and harder. With this much on the line, you SHOULD be playing with near-crazed emotion, shouldn't you? That was the Mavs problem, they were playing like it was the regular season and the Warriors looked like someone had a gun at their heads (and who knows... I wouldn't put it past Stephen Jackson).

Amazing game for sure, BUT the best news is that this is just the start!!! With this motivation going into Round 2 against either Houston or Utah I don't think there's any question that the Warriors have to be favored. I personally think Yao and McGrady are going to get some help in Game 7 at home and pull it out against the Jazz, but either team I think the Warriors beat in 6 games. Houston will get run off the floor by the Warriors... and the Warriors are just a better team than Utah, especially if you look at both teams' last 30 games. Not to mention that the Jazz-Rockets series has been a hard-fought 7 game series. So, while the Warriors get just enough rest to get healthy without losing their momentum, these Rockets and Jazz are in a dogfight and then have to jump right back in against a fast, high-energy Warriors team. All I have to say is it's like a Lincoln's better than a Cadillac, FUHGETTABOUTTIT!!! So, start booking those reservations for Phoenix in a couple weeks! WARRIORS, Baby!


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