Monday, October 29, 2007

What we learned from Sunday's NFL action

Not the best of Sundays. A horrifying number of blowouts today, capped of course by that ridiculous Pats/Skins game. In addition, a ton of less than inspiring games - like Cleveland/St. Louis. And here in the Bay Area, we had to watch the Raiders lose a snoozer followed by the 49ers getting destroyed. Sweet.

Anyway, on to what we learned.

1. The Patriots are ultimately going to get someone injured at the rate they're going. I'm not going to get into the "did they run up the score" question. Because they did, no question. Running a pump and go when you're up by 38 in the 4th quarter and then later going for it on 4th down is running up the score. But you know what, the Skins could have played better defense as well. But the better question to ask here is why did Belichick leave his starters in so long and risk getting them injured? Michael David Smith at the Fanhouse alluded to this and he's right. Imagine Brady getting hit in the knees in the 4th when the Pats are up by 38. Man, Belichick would be hung by Pats fans. The fact is that the Pats really should take their first-string guys out when they're blowing someone out - not to be nice - but to prevent them from getting injured. Either on freak plays or on not so freak plays when some opposing player decides to take a cheap shot.

2. John Kitna is smarter than an awful lot of us. Kitna said the Lions would get 10 wins this year, they're now half way there. I'm still not 100% sure they'll get there, but I didn't see them winning more than six games this year, so what the hell do I know? Besides, they've beaten the Bucs and Bears in back to back games. The truth is that they play in what is quickly becoming a pretty weak division. And I say that because if anyone thinks Green Bay is going to keep winning with no running game as it gets colder out - forget it. Color me impressed Mr. Kitna.

3. Brian Griese is still a pretty bad QB. I always believed that the Bears had to make a change from Rex, but I was never really excited by Griese. And for good reason. Nothing like throwing 4 picks against the Lions, 3 of them in the end zone. Yikes. The fact is the Bears have no one really to play QB, they're defense isn't nearly as good as it was last year, and Cedric Benson sucks. He's horrible. The Bears will become yet another Super Bowl loser not to make the playoffs the following year.

4. St. Louis and Miami, I like your chances of going 0-16. Both these teams lost close games on Sunday, but whatever, they still lost. Also St. Louis lost Steven Jackson yet again and Miami is quickly becoming the Isiah Thomas Knicks of the NFL. What's even better is that these teams don't play each other, so both could go 0-16. That's probably pretty unlikely, but if I had to bet on one of them to do it, it'd be Miami.

5. It's officially time to revoke Mangenius's nickname. He'll now only be known as Mangini. He's about the only person in the world who wanted to stick with Pennington these last few weeks and needless to say, it hasn't worked out so well. And losing to the Bills, well, that SHOULD be the final nail in the coffin for Pennington. As we said last week Mangini, your season is over, might as well see what Clemens can give you.

6. The Chargers look like they're back. Basically stealing Chambers from the Dolphins was absolutely huge. It just can't be stressed enough how great a deal that was for the Chargers. That gives them a very legit receiver to take some of the defensive pressure off of Gates, and man did it work on Sunday. This team looks primed for a big time run and in all likelyhood we'll look back at that Chambers deal and say that's when things came together for this team.

7. Even though Norv's a bad coach, he's a great O-coordinator. And man, oh man do we miss him in SF. Our 49ers are abysmal on offense right now and it's easy to see why. Every week teams stuff 8 or 9 guys in the box against the 49ers to stop Gore and dare whoever's at QB to beat them. That's it. And it's working really well. The simple fact is that the only difference between this year's offense and last year's offense is Norv. Same QB, same RB, same TE, same O-line. Different O-coordinator. It's hard to say it's anything else.

8. I don't expect England to start liking our football anytime soon after Sunday's game. The Giants and Dolphins combined for 187 passing yards, 7 fumbles, and two missed field goals. Yes it was played in the rain and on a slicker than normal surface, but seriously, if Goodell wants to attract more fans he better provide a better game for them.

9. The Jags/Bucs was the best game of the day. I watched it, and yet I still can't figure out how Quinn Gray wound up being on the winning team. I know it was defense, but still, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that Quinn Gray helped lead the Jags to victory, while Alex Smith is totally inept.

10. Tom Brady is no longer the best dressed man in America. That hat he wore in the post game interview - bizarre and horrible.



Anonymous said...

Yawn! Going for a field goal on 4th would have been running up the score.

Why didn't the Redskins punt on 1st down, or take a knee, or pull there starters in the 3rd quarter if the game was over? Jason Campbell could have gotten hurt.....

Playing less than 100% is how you get hurt.

You don't want the Pats to score 52? Then earn your game check by stopping them.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... the point is NE didn't have anything to play for at the end of the game. Hence why you take your starters out so they don't get injuried.

I'd have been pissed if Brady got cheap shotted and injuried in 4th after being 38-0!

Anonymous said...

If I would have been on the field after that 4th down play where they fake pumped and passed down field I would have taken Brady out around the knees myself. Belechick is classless and will get some payback eventually.

Anonymous said...

To play consistent football you have to PLAY football. How many times have you seen teams sit their starters after they clinch and then not play very well in the playoffs.

You don't pull starters before the 4th quarter although you do start sub-ing more, as the Pats did.

All that said, I still generally agree that they could have handled things differently in this game and others as well. I just don't think it is matter of class or a "right" or "wrong" thing to do.

Also, so many people -- players, coaches, owners -- want to believe the Pats cheated their way to three super-bowls...and as much as this 2007 team can never do anything to change those people's minds, it sure does feel good as a fan to see my team showing everyone just how much we need those tapes.

Also, why aren't the other teams pulling all their starters? If teams want the Pats not to keep trying, shouldn't they acknowledge defeat first. Why are they risking the health of their starters in a useless cause?

Anonymous said...

to all those who secretly wishes that Tom Brady gets taken out by a cheap shot, do not lecture the Pats, or Anyone, about class, moral, and respect for the game. Please, you sound like a 5-year-old

Anonymous said...

So, what were the Patriots supposed to do? Go through the motions so the Redskins didn't get their feelings hurt? Please. As someone else, said "Playing less than 100% is how you get hurt".

Many/most football players are always chest-thumping and talking trash about other teams, and about how tough they are, etc etc etc. But then complain about having too many points scored on them? Man up, fellas, and don't let the other team have their way with you.

Anonymous said...

So, in the Patriots defense (because obviously I am a New Englander), they have what could be the biggest game of their season next week against the Colts, and havent really had to play a close game all year. Building up the endurance to play hard for 4 quarters is something that other teams accomplish through having to go out and play hard for 4 quarters every sunday. The Patriots havent been pushed to their physical limits, and everyone knows that no matter how hard you practice, there is no substitute for a live game on Sunday. By not playing your starters, they lose their competitive edge. I was at the game, and for all intents and purposes, it was over at halftime. Pulling your starters for fear of injury is not a great game plan when you start looking at the weeks ahead.

Anonymous said...

New rule.

NFL Head Coaches can now throw in the towel. From now on, any NFL team tired of getting it's butt kicked up and down the field can quit. No mas, outta here, seen enuf, see ya, I'm goin home to mama.

What a load of crap. If you want a rule, write it down. This unwritten rule stuff is nonsense. Am I supposed to believe that a guy who will take you out for playing all out at 42-0 won't take advantage of you if you go half speed while up 35-0. A jerk is a jerk.

No one has ever seen a team try to protect a shutout? Offense, defense, how does it matter how you sit on a lead. It all seems to be about how you run out the clock. The Pats do it while playing football. What's the problem?

100% Injury Rate said...

It's ridiculous to think that the first-string unit of the Pats has to play the whole Skins game to be well oiled for Colts. Yeah, having them out on the field for an extra 5 minutes is truly going to make all the difference for next week. Just think about this rationally. Remember Tyrone Prothro from Bama? There's no point in jeopardizing your season by having guys like Brady in when you're up by 38 in the 4th. It's called asking for trouble if you leave them in.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of good points here made on both sides. I thought as well, that Brady should not be in there; to avoid injury. Then again, you do want to get your best players on the right page as much as possible before going into Indy. In the end, I might think that football fans, like the players, need to trust that the coach knows what they are doing. Not every coach, mind you, but Belichick ahs, I think, proven himself beyond reproach. After all, nothing happened to the Pats, and the only thing that got hurt was the pride of the Redskins, right? What is more needed between these two teams: Pats starters resting, or Redskins players realizing that they need to play better? I think even Gibbs would tell you the latter. This could very well turn out to be the best thing that happened to the 'Skins all season, depending upon whether they whine or pick themselves up and play better.

Anonymous said...

RE: #8. OK, let me get this straight. The Giants/Dolphins game sucked because they only put up
187 passing yards and bored the poor Brits, - AND the Patriots game sucked because Brady put up too many yards and made the other team feel bad. The moral of the story?
Try not to suck too bad, but don't play too good, either. Be completely average so everyone will like you and be happy.

Anonymous said...

To the person whining about the fake spike: It was the first freaking half, and the Pats were hardly blowing the 'Skins out at that point -- it was 17-0. Not to mention it was first down, not fourth down. If you can't deal with the team trying to win, maybe you should find another spot.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of unwritten rules, it was a unwritten rule that NFL teams videotaped each other. The Patriots were scolded for following that unwritten rule, but everyone expects them to obey this unwritten courtesy? You can't have your cake and eat it too. If any of the Patriots opponents want to limit the amount of points put up, Then get to work and stop them. It's what the opposing players and coaches get paid very well to do, not whine about it after the fact when their effort fell short due to lack of skill and preparation.

Anonymous said...

To their credit, neither Gibbs nor the Redskins players complained. They said they were embarrassed, and Gibbs said he had no probs with anything the Pats did. Gibbs is smart enough to know that if his players can't learn from this, they should be doing something else. I bet he thanks BB in the end. The only people complaining are fans who had some game plan in their head that did not pan out the way they liked. Tough. That's why they're not football players.

Anonymous said...

Once again we see what the current mindset out there really is. Its no different than the bleeding hearts that have completely changed the face of competitive sports. Every kid makes the team and plays, there is no winner or loser, we don't keep track of scores. Its all crap and this stinks like the rest of it. The bottom line is that if the Pats were to play easier, they probably would stand a better chance of injuring themselves. Our softball league used to have a ten run rule that would stop the game after the 5th inning if the score was too high. What would the fans reaction be to something like that? Maybe we should institute a third quarter rule. Its a competition that lasts until the final quarter is over!

Anonymous said...

Too many NE haters out there. I am an NE fan and I remember decades of the Patriots being bottom feeders and getting their butts handed to them. Remember what the Bears did to the Patriots in the 85/86 superbowl. Enough of this ganging up on the Patriots. They are damned no matter what they do. Yes, they are pissed and rightfully so since every team out there cheats in their own way and Mangini is the worst of all as he was part of it for years, then become a little crybaby instead of doing more to confuse the cameraman like all the other teams do. Let's play professional football! No wonder America can't kick anybodies butt, we are turning into crybabies w/no backbone.

Anonymous said...

An "unwritten rule" that all teams tape each other? Please. I know of ONE team in the past few years that's been found guilty of it, and that's the Pats. Just be glad that you're getting away with it-- don't detract from the class and dignity of the OTHER 31 teams in the league by imposing your same disgusting lack of character on them. THEY play fair. Shut your fucking mouth and be glad that you pulled off the biggest con in NFL history.

Anonymous said...

wow to the previous comment: obviously you dont know a lot about football.
Let me clarify this rule for you.
It is LEGAL to tape the other team's signals. BUT the rule was, you can't tape it from the sideline, you can only do it somewhere far away like the coaches box. Every single team does it, but for some reason I still cant understand, BB still taped from the sideline. Anyways, the point is, this so called "cheating" shouldnt be called as such, as it does not gain them any significant extra edge

Malach the Merciless said...

Man, you people are a bunchof whiners. What is this pee wee football? Don't run up the score. Stop them, you get paid millions to do it.

The league ticked off the Pats with this rediculous spygate thing, you put chip on their shoulder bigger than the one they already had . . .

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the comment about the "class and dignity of the other 31 teams"! It's a classic! And Jason Giambi is the only guy in MLB who took steroids, right? C'mon, he admitted it! Don't detract from the class and dignity of the rest of MLB by imposing Giambi's lack of character on them! must be nice in your world...

DocZeus said...

When Brady gets cheap shotted in the 4th Quarter when they are still passing in the 4th Quarter in the middle of q blowout against somebody like Miami in Week 17. You're gonna wish that Patriots weren't running up the score. Its gonna happen. Your team is playing recklessly.

crazyeightz said...

what a bunch of morons! Do you guys not know what is going on here? Lest not forget that there is history being made here. The pats offense is on a pace to break the points record, Tom Brady is on pace to break the TD passing record. Tom Brady knows this, Bill knows this damn well. I don't give a damn what they said about individual records not above the team record. Bill owe it to Tom to leave him out there for that 3rd TD pass. The moment he got it, Tom was out and cassel went in. This is not about running up the score on the other team and risking injury. It's about rewriting history. If Tom Brady wants to quell any talk about who is the superior QB, he needs to break that TD record held by Manning to shut the hell up all those Manning fans. 40 years down the road, I want to tell my grandkids how magical that 2007 season was, and if the PATS do break those records, I CAN!

Anonymous said...

"wow to the previous comment: obviously you dont know a lot about football.
Let me clarify this rule for you.
It is LEGAL to tape the other team's signals. BUT the rule was, you can't tape it from the sideline, you can only do it somewhere far away like the coaches box. Every single team does it, but for some reason I still cant understand, BB still taped from the sideline. Anyways, the point is, this so called "cheating" shouldnt be called as such, as it does not gain them any significant extra edge"

It does when your camera on the sideline has boom that picks up sounds a certain ranges from it.

Your Obvious Reply,
"WHA WHA WHA what?!!! I thought they used stop motion camera's still!"

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that in 2005, "Mother Teresa" Dungy and the Colts were caught piping crowd noise through the speaker system to drown out the Steelers' signal calling. The evidence included microphones placed strategically around the stadium to pick up the crowd noise. However, the league brushed this off as "no proof." And Dungy is being held up as a shining example of virtue. Give me a break.

Also, here's a quiz for you (no cheating): off the top of your head, who has been the Colts' backup QB for each of the past three years? When did Peyton last take a seat during the fourth quarter of one of Indy's blowouts, especially during his chase for the season TD record?

And I agree -- anyone who would suggest that players should take cheap shots against Tom Brady in retaliation for "running up the score" (including you, Michael Wilbon) is beneath our contempt.

The reason the Patriots are playing hard for four quarters is that they understand that they will have a lot of big halftime leads this season. If they sit out every fourth quarter, what happens if we get into a real challenge during the playoffs? Do you want the Patriots to be huffing and puffing because they've only played three quarters of every game all season? Understand, Belichick is doing this for a reason, and that reason is all about winning -- and our team's well-deserved place in the history books...

Anonymous said...

""Mother Teresa" Dungy and the Colts were caught piping crowd noise through the speaker system to drown out the Steelers' signal calling."

Wouldn't anyone with a brain be able to notice the massive sound difference?
Colts Ball- Birds chirping
Steelers Ball- EGFVSEFGRH!!@!@$@#@
I just don't understand how someone wouldn't just heard it even at home and know something is up?

"Also, here's a quiz for you (no cheating): off the top of your head, who has been the Colts' backup QB for each of the past three years? When did Peyton last take a seat during the fourth quarter of one of Indy's blowouts, especially during his chase for the season TD record?"

Back up is that guy with the clipboard right?
Peyton has to stay in the game because last time they took him out he went missing for 3 weeks only to end up found QBing a high school football team visiably drunk.

"And I agree -- anyone who would suggest that players should take cheap shots against Tom Brady in retaliation for "running up the score" (including you, Michael Wilbon) is beneath our contempt."

I take shots of Jim Bean and say fuck brady all the time, if you don't like it, blow me.

"The reason the Patriots are playing hard for four quarters is..."

So they don't end up playing hard for three and playing even harder in the showers?

"If they sit out every fourth quarter, what happens if we get into a real challenge during the playoffs?"

So overrunning Miami to the point the happy dolphin said "fuck it" is training for the playoffs?

"Do you want the Patriots to be huffing and puffing because they've only played three quarters of every game all season?"

If the other team is saying fuck it, is there any real training going on? Second, when you guys are up this much why doesn't BB let Brady call the plays if it is such a training experience (which would provide audibel support)?

" Understand, Belichick is doing this for a reason, and that reason is all about winning -- and our team's well-deserved place in the history books..."
In the L column, of a Colt- Pats game Nov.4 2007

Anonymous said...

Remember when some lardbutt DE named Fridge ran in a TD in the Super Bowl? Whaddya call that?? Style points? Look what happened when BB gave Cassell the ball--he passed and a 'DE' picked it off for a TD! Can we call that back for 'running up the score' on the scond string?

Anonymous said...

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