Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NBA Mock Draft (Emphasis on the Warriors)!

Okay, I was thinking I was oppposed to doing a mock draft because it's about as unoriginal a post as you can get and it's a really good way to show just how bad we are at not only predicting how a certain team is going to draft but also how good these players are going to be in the NBA. That being said, we had a post about Extreme Wheelchairing and Extreme Pogo-Sticking today so I think the originality issue is pretty much over. And I love the NBA draft so what the hell...

Inaugural 100% Injury Rate NBA Mock Draft (Warriors Picks plus the Lottery)

Let's kick it off with the most important picks of the draft, as it is every year, each pick for the Warriors

18. GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS - Tiago Splitter
- A few years ago I would have been scared because of the Todd Fuller situation (old story, but yes I believe his GPA in college was officially higher than his PPG in the NBA AND he was picked before Kobe AND everyone saw this coming... but we're Warriors fans, that would be like reminding us we could have had TMac as well but took Adonal Foyle instead, please). But now we have a New Jack front office that has been doing much better in the draft department drafting some New Jack players (See Monta, Arenas, Biedrins, JRich) and trading for an official Cash Money Brotha in Stephen Jackson. So while one might be inclined to fear that we would go with Jason Smith or Josh McRoberts here, I have a feeling that Splitter will still be around, he has a great name, and did we mention he's Brazilian? After Nene and Barbosa, if I see a Brazilian player on the board vs 2 normal white dudes from the U.S., are you kidding me? And how many people in the Bay Area would pay to watch Tiago's first club-going experience in SF with everyone's favorite Latvian Andris Biedrins? I rest my case.

30. Taurean Green - Golden State Warriors
- If Green is still on the board - if the playoffs showed anything, the Warriors need a legit back-up point behind Baron because Monta is looking more and more like a SG and we need a poised back-up to fill in quick. With Green's background playing in huge games in Florida he would be a steal at 30 and reminds me of when Arenas slipped to the Warriors coming out of a stacked UofA program where Jefferson and even Jason Gardner and Michael Wright outshined him at times. With programs like that UofA team (with Loren Woods also) and the UF team that Green comes out of with Noah, Horford, and Brewer, it can be hard to really tell who is going to be a strong NBA player separate from the other 3 or 4 players. I think Jefferson's success surprised a lot of people and Arenas' definitely did, and I'm guessing that one of the big 3 from UF is going to be a total bust and that Green is actually going to be a better player than people would expect. Time will tell, but I'm hoping the Warriors keep their run of absolutely ridiculous 2nd Round picks going and nab Green with this pick.

1. Greg Oden - Portland
- No brainer, sealed it in the Tournament with two of the sickest blocks and one of the most ridiculous missed dunks I've seen in a while.

2. Kevin Durant - Seattle
- Ridiculous that he goes #2 in any draft, what he can do at 6'10 is insane and everyone seems to forget KD was 4th in the nation in rebounds (!!!)

3. Al Horford - Atlanta
- Can't miss player, at worst he's significantly better than Udonis Haslem (fellow UF alum) who is a strong starting power forward in the league and at best his ceiling is what, Malone but with Championship credentials? Not bad.

4. Corey Brewer - Memphis
- Perhaps not directly addressing a need, but Brewer is the 3rd or 4th best player in this draft from what I've seen and players with his defensive ability, clutch performing, and athleticism do not come around that often. He may look like a lot of other 6-8 SG/SF around these days, but Brewer is special and Memphis should not pass him up.

5. Joakim Noah - Boston
- Not the flashiest pick possible here and there is definite limit to Noah's potential, but again a player with his drive, intangibles, and athleticism at 6'11 just does not come around often. I see him as a Shane Battier player who never puts up the numbers one would expect from a #5 pick but everywhere he goes teams just start winning.

6. Brandan Wright - Milwaukee
- I don't think Milwaukee can pass up Wright's potential at 6 and even though it doesn't fill a need, I'm betting they re-sign Williams at the point (no guarantee Conley is EVER going to be better than him) and a Villanueva, Bogut, Wright, front-court option with Redd at the 2 has gotta get some wins in the East.

7. Jeff Green - Minnesota
- Regardless of whether KG is gone or not, Green is going to be a strong player in the league and can do a lot at 6'9.

8. Julian Wright - Charlotte
- Why Wright has been slipping in others' mock drafts is beyond me. In a normal draft he should be a Top 5 pick and even at 8 is a great pick.

9. Spencer Hawes - Chicago
- I'm not sold on Hawes at all having watched him play a couple times at UW and sometimes mistaking him for some back up white center, but if anything this seems to fill a potential need area for Chicago and if he ends up strong could make the Bulls very very dangerous for the next 10 years.

10. Mike Conley - Sacramento
- Bibby is getting older and Conley needs time where he doesn't have a spotlight on him so he can develop an NBA game. Could be good for both team and player here.

11. Acie Law - Atlanta
- Atlanta will probably have a slight panic attack if Conley ends up going at 10, but Law is going to be an excellent pro and probably my favorite player in the draft (one of those guys I will be checking up on in 10 years even if he's playing in Europe somehere).

12. Yi Jianlian - Philly
- I probably would have put him higher but watching his extended milk commercial from China stressed me out so much he had to fall a few spots. Could be the Chinese Dirk, but I'm guessing not...

13. Al Thonton - New Orleans
- Everyone seems to be saying Nick Young here, but if Thornton's around they should take him because Peja has a fork sticking out of his back the size of Croatia so they're gonna need a 2 and a 3 very soon.



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