Tuesday, June 5, 2007

George W. Bush benches more than Kevin Durant

We're hoping that because of Kevin Durant's recent pathetic bench press showing at the NBA Draft Camp - he couldn't lift 185 lbs. even once - he'll fall all the way to the Warriors at the 18th pick. We'd gladly take him and his puny arms.

While that's pretty unlikely, we thought we'd take a look at how other athletes and celebrities have fared over the years with the bench press. We should note that not all of the numbers we've compiled are for max lifts. If they use certain weights for reps, we'll mention that. Our list is below, but all you really need to know is this, our current President benches more than Durant.

President Bush: 5 reps of 185 lbs.
Brady Quinn: Max - 350 lbs. and 28 reps of 225 lbs.
Yao Ming: Max - 300 lbs.
Former Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen: Max - 700 lbs.
Former NHL hockey goon Tony Twist: Max - 405 lbs.
Refrigerator Perry: Max - 465 lbs.
LaDainian Tomlinson: Max - 430 lbs.
The Rock: Max - 425 lbs.
Reggie Bush: Max - 335 lbs.
Matt Leinart: Never did one (Somehow I'm not surprised).
Power lifter and world bench press record holder Scot Mendelson: Max - 715 lbs.
MMA fighter and former pro football player Bob "The Beast" Sapp: Max - 600+ lbs.
Titans offensive lineman Justin Geisinger: Max - 600 lbs. and 43 reps of 225 lbs.
Former wrestler SuperFly Jimmy Snuka: Max - 525 lbs.
Shaq: Claimed Max - 455 lbs.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Best ever Max - 455 lbs.
JaMarcus Russell: Max - 335 lbs.
49ers Tight End Vernon Davis: Max - 465 lbs.
Olympic Gold medalist and current pro wrestler Kurt Angle: Max - 420 lbs.
Dwight Howard: Max - 345 lbs.
Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Derek Landri: Max - 425 lbs.
Actor Hugh Jackman: Max - 315 lbs. (during X-Men)
Former wrestler Brett "The Hitman" Hart: Max - 405 lbs.
Actor Will Smith: Max - 385 lbs. (during I-Robot)
100 meter dash world record holder Maurice Green: Max -365 lbs.
Michael Vick: Max - 335 lbs.
Tedd Ginn Jr.: Max - 250 lbs.
Former wrestler Lex Luger: 5 reps of 405 lbs.
Actor Jack Lemmon: Claimed Max - 300+ lbs. (I assume this is a joke)
Tiger Woods: Max - 300 lbs. Reportedly does reps at 190 lbs.
Wilt Chamberlain: Witnesses claim he once benched 465 lbs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go train so I can out bench the prez.



Ryan Pratt said...

Haha... hilarious!

See ya Kevin Durant!! Greg Oden is definitely the best player in 07 draft now. See how athletic he is here:


From ListAfterList.com

Anonymous said...

We'd gladly take him and his puny arms.

Umm, while bench does use a bit of triceps, its mostly an exercise for the chest, not the arms...

Anonymous said...

Will Smith and Hugh Jackman lifting nearly as much or more than Reggie Bush, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and Dwight Howard? This is BS - Hollywood spin.

Anonymous said...

Pat Robertson is not impressed.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say the bit on Jack Lemmon is a joke.
Poor Jack. Disparaged the internet over.

Anonymous said...

Defintely calling bullshit on Hollywood claims, excepting Arnold. Beyond that, Shaq and Superfly look like fiction

Anonymous said...

Hell ya...
I was just about to put this on DIGG w/ the title.

" I can bench more than the NBA's #2 pick " that fricking humiliating.

185 D1 athlete...how is that possible?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

So, thats a 45 (90lbs) + 25 (50lbs) + bar (45lbs) = 185. To be an NCAA premiere athlete you should be able to do this once. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Having said that, I doubt Tayshawn could do 135 before NBA but I bet he can now. Potential is there, wingspan is there. I'd draft him. But still not to be able to do it once is kinda weird.


Anonymous said...

its not weird, its pathetic, im 145 lbs and i can bench 185, hes fucking pathetic, id pass on him in the draft just to make his ass feel stupid and have the commissioner announce that because hes weak as hell we passed on him.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the NBA draft was about picking the best basketball player, not the best weightlifter.

Kevin Durant is without question the best pure basketball player in this year's draft.

CSG said...

I don't think there's a sport where the action replicated by the bench press is less applicable than basketball. Any team passing on Durant because of this fact is moronic.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Earl 'Sparky' Boykins, with a reported 315 lb max.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about what basketball players should bench--I'm a cyclist. But I'm guessing Lance Armstrong doesn't bench so much when he's in TdF training shape.

Anonymous said...

its not weird, its pathetic, im 145 lbs and i can bench 185, hes fucking pathetic, id pass on him in the draft just to make his ass feel stupid and have the commissioner announce that because hes weak as hell we passed on him.

and thats why youre not an nba gm buddy. i wasnt aware that you needed the strongest player on the court to win games...i thought talent did that? i dont see too many people getting away with pushing people around, thats usually when fouls are called...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We'd gladly take him and his puny arms.

Umm, while bench does use a bit of triceps, its mostly an exercise for the chest, not the arms...

June 6, 2007 8:14 AM

Umm, maybe if your elbows are flared, but if they are tucked like they are supposed to be the bench is alot more tricep and shoulder

Anonymous said...

Arnold got maxed at 500+lbs...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

doubt will smith could do that much. i weigh 195 and bench 400 even. this is only because i have very rare genes. doctor told me its like one in 3 million.

Anonymous said...

take a look at anybody in the 145, 155 devision of the wec or ufc or any mma leauge those guys wouldn't be able to do much past 185 and you think any of you could take them let alone any fool in the nba, yeah bench press is fucking worhtless why not just measure your dick if your trying to prove who's more of a man?????

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

well.. i weigh 117 at 5'6" and bench 225.

and for who ever said tricep uses only little tricep is one chromosome away from retarded....

Anonymous said...

im 15 wiegh 130 can bench 135x5 and i look like a twig

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Anonymous said...

im 17 and weigh 210 and benchpress 285

Unknown said...

thats sad cuz when he was asked about his lanky frame he said just wait until till he hits the weights at Texas. Well........? WTF he's still Hella good!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

"take a look at anybody in the 145, 155 devision of the wec or ufc or any mma leauge those guys wouldn't be able to do much past 185 "

I weigh 147, I'm 31. And I rep 185 with fair ease.
I did 250 4 times just 3 days ago.
I'm not a big dude. I don't have 18 inch arms. I don't have a 40 inch chest.
And I'm not alone in the gym. Lots of guys my size push over 225.

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