Friday, August 31, 2007

Bury your college football team's hopes, literally

I realize this isn't exactly all that new. There have been plenty of people in the past crazy enough to be buried in their team's colors and what not. There was even that dead Steelers fan who had his Sunday football living room experience recreated at a funeral home.

But this is for you college football fans. A site called Collegiate Memorials has already gotten licensing agreements with 46 Division I colleges (and they say they can do almost every school in D-I) to put the team's logo on caskets and urns. And get this, they're working on monuments and vaults as we speak. Nothing says I'm a psychotic, mentally unbalanced fan quite like your own casket, combined of course with your own vault and monument. Because I mean once you get the casket you really have to get everything else.

But how do I know I'm getting a well-known product?
  • To date, high-quality Collegiate Memorials products have been featured on CNBC, ESPN, CNN, the Paul Harvey Show (WTF?), BBC Radio/London, the Canadian Broadcasting Network and major newspapers, news services and magazines across North America.
Well, that's great to know.

One of the interesting things is that not all the schools that are currently available are what you would consider big time schools. Like here's one for Fort Valley State University. Are they sure people who went to Fort Valley State can even afford a casket?


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