Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sid the Kid is going to get ribbed mercilessly this year

I've always thought of hockey players as extremely tough guys. They're hard-nosed and they take no crap. And they certainly don't hawk pink shoes. I mean, what hockey player would lower themselves to that?

Apparently Sidney Crosby. While Sid the Kid may be one hell of a hockey player he may have officially gone overboard in terms of what he's now endorsing. The shoe you see above is the new women's Crosby cross trainer. And it has his name and number on it. Yikes. Naturally there's no way Sid could have had a hand in designing this monstrosity, right?

Crosby has been doubling as a fashion consultant with Reebok and has developed his very own line of clothing. It's been a hands-on experience for the NHL's most valuable player.

"It was funny because I was getting these prints and these designs sent to me at home," Crosby said Tuesday at the launch for the fall collection of his Rbk SC87 line. "I'd be with my parents and we'd be discussing what's in style and what's out of style."

I see. Well, surely this madness will stop with pink shoes, right? There's no way Crosby would dare subject himself to even more potential abuse from opponents, teammates and fans.

There's even a women's line that includes a pink baby tee featuring the words: "I (heart) Crosby."

I guess pro hockey doesn't pay quite as well as it used to. I look forward to seeing Crosby's future fashion line with Chanel.

Needless to say, Sid might be getting some shit this year from, uh, everyone. We had to look back real far to find anything with a well known athlete's name on it that was anywhere near as fruity as Sid's shoe.

Let's just convince ourselves that Michael had no hand in the design.



Hooks Orpik said...

He's gonna get ribbed all the way to the bank.

Those babies are going to sell like hotcakes in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Here's a clip of Cindy at his press conference announcing his new ladies line.

Unknown said...

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, they can't stop El Sid anyway. He's too busy enjoying his Hart Trophy, Lester B. Pearson Trophy and Art Ross Trophy and dominating the league at age 20 to really care.

Anonymous said...

How about telling us where all those words in italics came from? You know, the ones someone else wrote?

Anonymous said...

How about shutting the fuck up and just reading the story?

Anonymous said...

Even the Yinzers will give him crap for desigining those shoes.

Anonymous said...

Because "shutting the fuck up and just reading the story" sometimes means reading the whole story, not just the excerpt. There's a link now, which is all I asked; so thanks for putting that in WCK. Just a little reminder that there's no story to blog about (or to comment on profanely) without someone doing the legwork to report the story in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Sidney Crosby is one of the best hockey players in the world, if not the best, he has pink shoes for girls, big fucking deal. And btw, Crosby can take a hit and deal with the pain, for those of you that didn't know, he played the last six weeks of the season and the playoffs with a broken foot.

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