Thursday, August 16, 2007

Slip 'n Slide on Steroids

It's kind of slow out there in the sports world, at least until Vick pleads guilty, so we thought we'd bring you some summertime fun.....ON STEROIDS. And also because Deuce already beat us to the pie eating bike contest. God it's slow.

Slip 'n Slide was always a pretty fun thing when you were younger. And frequently it wasn't enough. You wanted to slip 'n slide even further. So you'd wet the grass or grease yourself up in WD-40 or Crisco to do whatever it took to keep on slidin'. That is until you slid your way into a fence or the lawnmower. Good times.

Well how creative do you think you would have gotten if beer had been invloved? Luckily, someone did that, and this was his creation.

All it took was a little drunken bulldozing (which I totally recommend by the way), some tarps, and a hill. The only downside is the retention pool at the bottom, which looks like the leftovers from an overloaded port-o-john.

We salute you Mr. Slip n' Slide man. Taking a fun childhood pleasure and turning into beer fueled water mayhem. I have no doubt this will be a Summer Olympic event in 2016. Summer Luge they'll call it, and everyone will have cuts on their stomachs by the medal ceremony.

And as an added bonus, here's some old school rip-off Slip 'n Slide fun.


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