Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday links

I just got the Simpsons 10th season DVD. What a season. From the grease stealing episode to Pinchy the Lobster to Max Power - great stuff. And I'm not working today, so I guess my schedule is set.

On to the links.

The Falcons lose yet another QB, which means if Joey Harrington gets injured, DeAngelo Hall might get some time under center. [AJC]

We can now add Tracy McGrady to our official illegitimate kids by athletes post. [Herald Tribune]

A sportscaster with a mullet has trouble with the nightly telecast. Who could have guessed? [Deuce of Davenport]

Hey it's the preseason for refs and Joe Buck as well. [Awful Announcing]

Satan speaks, which means you should listen. [Brahsome]

Some thoughts from bloggers on the Donaghy scandal and what it means for the NBA. [Epic Carnival]

I can jump higher than Tony Parker. [Sons of Sam Malone]



Jarrett said...

The NBA needs a ref like Max Power.

Bstone said...

The 10th season may have been the climactic point of the entire show. Although I could argue that it peaked with Tomacco as well, Max Power is one of my favorite episodes ever.

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