Sunday, August 19, 2007

ESPN likes crushing kids' dreams

Let's run the bases kids! Oh wait, ESPN won't let us do that anymore.

If you go the New York Mets web site, you'll find that their Sunday August 26th game has been changed from 1:10pm to 8:05pm. The reason is because ESPN wanted to make their Sunday Night Baseball game feature two teams in the pennant race to help their ratings - and MLB agreed to this demand by ESPN.

Nothing wrong with this, right? Well, except that the Sunday game was going to have the Mr. Met Dash going on - which has now been canceled thanks to ESPN's ratings grab. The Mr. Met Dash is a very popular promotion, as it lets kids 12 and under run the bases with Mr. Met - and it only happens a few times a year.

Ouch. So all those kids that were desperate to run around the bases of a major league park - without getting arrested - are probably pretty pissed. Let's just hope they don't do this.

And as for ESPN, it's good to see they aren't letting the little things, like angering their future audience, get in the way of dominating all sports coverage.


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