Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yao is gonna have one sweet ride

I'm sure Yao got some pretty nice gifts from the two wedding ceremonies he and his wife have had so far in Shanghai and Beijing. Like a toaster and a knife set. But all will pale in comparison to the gift Shaq is planning on getting Yao for his rumored third wedding ceremony in Houston.

"I would give Yao four 24-inch customized rims at his wedding ceremony," Shaq said. Now that is a wedding gift my friends.

Yao is not so enamored with the four-wheeled sports cars, preferring to drive a BMW 7-series rather than more extravagant rides like Ferrari roadsters or SUVs. And the only customized feature of Yao's car is a "Y&Y" logo - for Yao and his wife Ye Li - on the rear.

Come on Yao, it's time to upgarde man.

O'Neal believes that he will be among the guests at the rumored wedding ceremony in Houston. "I am sure he has sent the invitation to me," Shaq said. "I haven't checked my mailbox recently because I travel a lot, but I am sure he did."

Whatever it takes Yao, get that man an invitation pronto. Plus, we all know he'd be fun to have at the reception. Shaq's a much better dancer than Brady Quinn.



Jarrett said...

Nobody puts Brady in a corner.

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