Friday, August 10, 2007

This is why you wear a cup

I've never really been a fan of athletic cups. They chafe and are uncomfortable. But if I were an MMA fighter, I guarantee you I'd be wearing one. And the reason why is because people are losing their nuts at an alarming rate in MMA.

Sunday provided one of the more brutal examples in recent memory. At the K-1 Asian Grand Prix a fighter by the name of Musashi got more groin shots in a few hours than a man should ever have to endure. During an early fight Musashi was kicked in the groin area on two separate occasions. He managed to bounce back and knockout his opponent later in the fight.

Apparently not learning from his original mistake, Musashi entered his next fight soon after without a cup, and yet again was on the receiving end of multiple knee shots aimed below the belt. Musashi’s corner threw in the towel but it was disregarded by officials because his opponent's knees to the groin were deemed illegal. So Musashi was going to have to fight yet again. He must have been pleased.

The pain however was too great and he was forced to withdraw from the tournament. It was probably a good idea he didn't fight again because he wound up with internal bleeding in his left nut. Ouch.

If you think that's bad, and it is, it could still be worse. A veteran MMA fighter recently had a Lance Armstrong done on the family jewels because he got kneed by a training partner. Rather than go to the doctor, he let his his jewels swell to 4 times their normal size. "I just made a mistake and got caught."

You sure did buddy, you sure did.


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