Friday, November 2, 2007

Burning More Bridges than A-Rod

In an attempt to broaden our horizons, we're adding some more soccer news. Well, I'm not. But a friend of ours who is obviously a communist because he likes soccer, is. So here's your soccer fix, you wankers. -WCK

In the world of futbol, Chelsea soccer star Andriy Shevchenko is a true villain. His notorious ego collides with every manager he has ever played for, opposing fans despise him, and even his own fans get tired of his nonsense. The latest and greatest with Andriy is his ongoing contract disputes with Chelsea’s front office. The guy was paid £31m to produce and the striker has scored less than that autistic kid who went to your high school. How have Chelsea fans responded to such shenanigans? Not well, however here’s the kicker: even toddlers hate Shevchenko. A British web site snagged an interesting story off of a Chelsea fan forum page. Here it is, misspellings and all:

"Fella I work with takes his ten year old down the bridge as much as he can afford, the boy is absolutely obssessed by his heros. His Dad's mate who works in lighting has been working at the bridge, tells my work pal to bring something down hand it over and get the squad to sign it. The Dad sneaks the boys Chelsea annual out, some kind of book with a bio a page on each player. His mate returned it to him yesterday. Told him EVERY squad member in the book that was there signed it on their bio page except for Schevchenko. My work pal says miserable cunt why didn't he sign it? The geezer opens the book and his son had writen WANKER in large letters across his photo, Scheva was not amused when he went to sign it."

Moral of the story….Working class Chelsea fans may be dumb (and horrible spellers), but they know a wanker when they see one.


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